The Donald Ross Society – Preserving His Heritage



The Donald Ross Society was founded in 1989 to recognize and safeguard the integrity of his golf courses, which were created during the “Golden Era” of golf course architecture. The Society believes that the golf courses designed by Ross are works of art, meriting close care and meticulous preservation. When renovation work is needed, the Society recommends that wherever possible, the course should maintain its original look, shape and playing characteristics, and those modifications needed to make a Ross course appropriate for the modern game should be consistent with the designer’s original intent.


The Society urges Ross golf clubs to seek out those architects, shapers, consultants and superintendents who are committed to the preservation of those traditions. It encourages carefully following basic strategies outlined in the Society’s Restoration Guidelines, which are based upon countless restoration successes. They provide a blueprint for golf clubs that are interested in recapturing the integrity of Ross’ original work.
For 27 years the Society has served as a clearing house for information on golf course architecture and the restoration of historic Ross courses. The Donald Ross Society Foundation has made donations to support the Tufts Archives, and has supported the restoration and maintenance of municipal Ross courses, among which are Wilmington Municipal, George Wright in Boston and Bobby Jones in Sarasota. It conducts two or three social gatherings a year for members at classic Ross golf courses around the country. To become a member of The Donald Ross Society and support its important work contact: